Allergies and Diet

Whether you are an Austin native or a newly transplanted resident, sooner or later you will have some experience with Austin allergies. This incredible city is bursting with plant life. And year after year it is inundated with pollen, mold, grasses and trees that challenge your immune system.

Medications, herbal medicines and allergy shots are among the many things that people try to improve their quality of life with allergies. But what about diet? What difference can it make in the life of an allergy sufferer?

A lot! Although pollen, mold and grass allergies are environmental, HOW your body deals with those allergens is internal. What you eat can make all the difference in how your immune system responds to your environment.

THE BEST DIET to reduce your allergy symptoms…

INCREASE: organic fruits and vegetables and healing supplements like spirulina, vitamin C and echinacea. These adaptogenic foods and herbs are alkalizing, detoxifying and healing for all health conditions, including allergies.

REDUCE: wheat, meat, eggs, dairy, corn, soy and processed foods. These foods create inflammation in the body and wreak havoc on the immune system.

A nutritional consultation always provides a more detailed approach to symptom relief. But start right away to clean up your diet and see how much better you can feel!