Mindfulness in a Minute

Mindfulness is the art of awareness. It’s the practice of drawing one’s attention inward at any present moment. Although meditation and mindfulness are related, they are not mutually exclusive. A regular mediation practice can help to more fully develop one’s mindfulness, but mindfulness itself can also be practiced in anyone’s day to day life.

The pace of the modern lifestyle keeps the human body in overdrive. How quickly you can eat, shop, stream, post and the constant opportunities to be engaged with work demands, social media, entertainment and more, encourages our bodies and our minds to push on through every moment of life- even the joyful ones.

Meanwhile, the body silently and diligently works to breathe, digest, circulate blood, produce hormones, build immune strength, repair wounds, cope with stress, heal from illness, shed excess weight and detoxify itself. The ideal setting for the body to perform these functions is called homeostasis. This balanced state allows all of these anatomical functions to work their best.

Since many people struggle with meditation or even to create the time to try, the act of mindfulness can be an easy place to start. It can happen in an instant, most anywhere and can be the beginning to your healing process.

Take a full breath, 1 complete inhale followed by one complete exhale. This simple act can draw your attention to your lungs, your heart, your mind, your emotions.

Anytime there is a thunderstorm, a gust of wind, a setting sun, blooming flowers, an unusual bird, take the time to look at it. Human beings are a part of nature and taking just an instant to acknowledge that can bring us closer to homeostasis.

Take two fingers and place them on your carotid artery (the artery along your neck, just below your jaw). The simple act of feeling your own pulse is an easy way to go inward and settle your nervous system.

If you have children or a pet or a hobby, let these things draw you in as well. Any opportunity to be present for just a moment will benefit your physical, spiritual and emotional health.