Health and Harmony

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About Michelle

Michelle maintains a small, private practice in South Austin. Her experience with healing began at age 3 when herbal medicines cleared a respiratory infection that antibiotics could not. As the offspring of both an acupuncturist and a midwife, she has always seen life through the eyes of Chinese Medicine. She was raised to respect the elements of nature, the restorative properties of good nutrition and the power of a positive lifestyle.


Michelle utilizes her 17 years of experience and intuitive nature to tailor her treatment to your specific needs.

Michelle’s professional approach, and her personal attention to all aspects of my health has kept me on a regular schedule for her treatments for over 10 years.  I have benefitted from an improved immune system and better pain control.  She has also targeted her treatments to a wide array of health problems associated with my condition.  Her treatments were also very helpful with quicker recoveries from two surgeries during this time.  I consider Michelle an important member of the team of medical professionals that treat my condition.


Michelle has been my primary care person for about 15 years. Starting with treating allergies to changing how my whole body responds to life. Michelle is my go to for my entire health and has been able to see me through both minor illness and major injury in a very comprehensive and holistic manner. While she may have said the same thing to me MANY times, she is patient and steadfast, at my side whenever needed. I am such a better person both physically and mentally due to her treatments. THANK YOU!


About 10 years ago my wife Marcia, preparing for knee replacement surgery, discovered Michelle and, after just a few sessions, quickly recognized her as a superb therapist, really quite gifted.  After very successful surgery, Marcia continued to see Michelle for a wide range of treatments and advice:  acupuncture, acupressure, massage, prescription of herbs, essential oil treatments and advice on diet, food preparation, vitamins and food supplements.  Michelle was always compassionate and always attentive to her mood and mental state.  Because Michelle was so helpful to Marcia, I asked that she help me with headaches.  The treatments were so effective that I am essentially headache free and no longer take any prescription painkillers.  For several years, Michelle improved the quality of our lives… I frequently tell Michelle that she is magic, that she has a special gift to heal and that I am most fortunate to have found her.