Eating with the seasons

No matter what phase of life you are in or what health concerns you are working with, one simple way toward better health and balance is to eat in alignment with the seasons. What does that really mean? #1 Choose foods that counter balance the weather. When it is cold outside, choose mostly warm, cooked […]

Mindfulness in a Minute

Mindfulness is the art of awareness. It’s the practice of drawing one’s attention inward at any present moment. Although meditation and mindfulness are related, they are not mutually exclusive. A regular mediation practice can help to more fully develop one’s mindfulness, but mindfulness itself can also be practiced in anyone’s day to day life. The […]

Allergies and Diet

Whether you are an Austin native or a newly transplanted resident, sooner or later you will have some experience with Austin allergies. This incredible city is bursting with plant life. And year after year it is inundated with pollen, mold, grasses and trees that challenge your immune system. Medications, herbal medicines and allergy shots are […]